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Amazing, uniquely designed...

...handcrafted pieces from our local artisan...truly...chairs that are one of a kind...only at Good Finds.
*Some items may have already sold by the time you visit us, but rest assured that we are getting fresh and unique merchandise every day.


Great mid-century dresser for a great price...

Many drawers, nice and tall... good buy Lingerie chest, sturdy, attractive...

Comfy chair and ottoman ready for studying or snoozing...

Nice wicker desk...only ...







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Dear Good Finds Shoppers...

Welcome to our new students, our returning students and to all the folks who appreciate a place like Good Finds where gently used furniture, collectibles, patio and garden sets, vintage kitchenware, jewelry, some antiques, mirrors, artwork and some just good odds & ends are sold at reasonable prices……..we also carry some vintage bikes, fishing lures, older cameras, vintage men’s jewelry, lamps, books, a gorilla singing James Brown. There is honestly something for everyone and you can bop down the aisles to 70’s music, humming happily. Malls are to my granddaughter what Good Finds is to me.. I never fail to find some small treasure which will add to the ambience of my home…..I’ve just got to convince Laynie that Claire’s has nothing on us and, whether she needs a gift for a friend, or a picture frame for the whole gang at the beach, we. got. it.

Whatever your age, you’ll make us a regular stop just to see what’s new….and new things come in daily. Please accept our thanks for shopping a locally owned small business. We have been here in the same location for 8 years……some years a little leaner than others, but we value you, dear customers.

Call 850-402-3100 with any questions and be sure to make us one of your weekly stops.

Cassandra Shepherd



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